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#5 READING: Key Takeaways

By now, you've probably read the previous blog posts on reading. In not, you can find them here...

Do you ever wonder...

Why people read what they read?

What keeps people hooked?

How do people find their next book to read?

I've compiled answers to these questions and more based on what you had to say!

A huge thank you to the readers that answered my survey! Answers were compiled in the winter of 2020. I couldn't get everyone in The Nest, but I did enjoy hearing back from everyone and have taken everyone's answers into account for this RECAP.

I've compiled my 15 Key Takeaways.

So let's get to it!

ONE: A genre for everyone

From mystery to fantasy - nonfiction to romance - and everything else in between - there really is a genre for everybody! Out of all the surveys, there was no overwhelming majority in terms of genre. People just like what they like, and that’s the beautiful thing about books! A little something for everyone!

TWO: Fav books vs. Fav authors

Favorite books and favorite authors aren’t always of the same vein. Sometimes people love a writer’s body of work, but it doesn’t overshadow the love they have for one special book.

THREE: Friends

People trust their friends the most when it comes to book recommendations. They trust their opinion and its likely that if their friend enjoys a book, they believe they will too. The power of word of mouth is real. That said, some social media does come into play such as: facebook, Instagram, goodreads, etc.

FOUR: Audiobooks

Busy people or people that love to be active really enjoy audio books. Some people find it easier to consume stories when they are told to them, and a good audio book fits the bill!

FIVE: Let’s get physical

When people do buy books, physical copies seem to be the preferred choice. While most people admit that eBooks are convenient and good for travelling, it doesn’t beat the feel of a real book.

SIX: Diversity?

Not everyone was tuned in on the diversity of the authors they were reading. Rather they cited preferring content to demographics. That said, those that did tune in did so to learn something outside their set of norms.

SEVEN: Libraries

People still enjoy borrowing from libraries and trust a librarian’s opinion for their next book to read.

EIGHT: Language?

Almost all the responses I received were from English speakers, but those with other language experiences said that it changed their reading experience. Those that don’t speak English as their mother tongue weighed in that it is more challenging to pick up on the nuances of culture through a different language.

NINE: Cover art

Not everyone is easily swayed by cover art, but a majority of survey answers stated that yes, a good cover influences their interest in the book.


COVID changed peoples’ reading habits, but not in any uniform way. Some people felt they could read more, while others felt bogged down with the pandemic and therefore read less.

ELEVEN: Boredom

Distractions and boredom are one of the key reasons people stop reading a book.

TWELVE: Tropes

Those aware of tropes disliked anything that felt tired, dated, or cliché.


Pacing and plot are often the driving forces that keep people reading! Keep them entertained!

FOURTEEN: How many?

The number of books read each year varied from person to person, but the key takeaway here was that people are still reading! Even if its only a book a year, it’s still something!

FIFTEEN: Perfection?

There is no such thing as a perfect book, but people will always be searching for it.




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