H. M. L. Swann

In 2015, Swann received her bachelor’s degree in music and spent the following two years teaching piano and reading fluency in her hometown. In May of 2017, she joined the Peace Corps and moved to Mongolia to teach English as a foreign language. For the first time, she questioned her mother tongue. English captured her heart with all of its nuances and syntax.

Winter in Mongolia was frigid; with -40-degree days that stretched on for weeks, Swann found her self seeking refuge from the bitter wind and coal filled air. She started writing. What started as grammar lesson plans grew into a novel.

Her first novel, Seers and Shifters, is a story that has been brewing in her mind since adolescence. It has been fleshed out and reconstructed and she can’t wait to share it with you. She is seeking representation and is querying.

H. M. L. Swann is studying creative writing at the postgraduate level at the University of Manchester and is working on a new standalone novel: Levarelthule.


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