Mages and Madness Excerpts

MEL is a third-generation mage immigrant living in the United States. Mages and mortals live in precarious harmony, with a bloody civil conflict in the recent past. The portal between Earth and Levarelthule has been sealed for decades, but when non-mage children start disappearing, tension rises.
When Mel opens the portal to Levarelthule, she is tasked to do the impossible: save her sister, reseal the portal, and kill the Aberrant. Mel will need not only strength, but sanity, to prevail.


Seers and Shifters Excerpts

Welcome to Delkhii: an unmapped and uncharted world. Clayton Johnathan leads a simple life brewing beer in exchange for a place to live with Mama Ta's Entertainers. When he finds his name listed for the next traveling caravan, he finds himself plunged into a world that's not only unfamiliar, but infinitely more complicated - and dangerous.
With Sophia Lucinda at his side, he starts exploring the world. They discover the truth about Seers, the Fire Spirit, and the truth about Clayton's past. A truth he thought long dead looms over his future.


Short Stories and Poems

Here you will find a collection of short stories, poems, or anything else that may be on my mind and spills out. You may find yourself inside a U.S. school or out in Western Mongolia.

This section will be continually updated, and you can always check The Nest Blog for more updates