Seers and Shifters Excerpts

Welcome to Delkhii: an unmapped and uncharted world. Clayton Johnathan leads a simple life brewing beer in exchange for a place to live with Mama Ta's Entertainers. When he finds his name listed for the next traveling caravan, he finds himself plunged into a world that's not only unfamiliar, but infinitely more complicated - and dangerous.
With Sophia Lucinda at his side, he starts exploring the world. They discover the truth about Seers, the Fire Spirit, and the truth about Clayton's past. A truth he thought long dead looms over his future.


Levarelthule Excerpts

Currently, I'm working on a new stand alone novel. Mages. Underworlds. Beasts. Blood Magic. Updates will be shared here!

Sometimes its good to write by hand

Short Stories and Poems

Whatever may be on my mind and spills out.


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