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Update: Virtual Book Club

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

This February...

I will be launching my first Virtual Book Club and I'm stoked!

On the first of each month, I will announce the #swannclub book of the month! Then throughout the month, I'll be posting updates, insights, quotes, and pics on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #swannclub.

How do I find out the #swannclub book of the month?

Easy! Sign up for my mailing list, and each month you'll get a little piece of virtual love from me, including the book of the month!

How does a virtual book club work?

First get yourself a copy of the book from your favorite book store, library, audiobook lender, or friend. Then read the book throughout the month and ask yourself...

Are you reading the book in a lovely park? Snap a pic and share on insta.

Do you come across a quote you love? Tweet about it.

Want to write a review? Share it on goodreads!

Just remember to use the hashtag #swannclub to share your thoughts, pics, and reading experience PLUS connect with others reading the book too! Let's start a conversation about books!

Why a virtual book club?

With COVID, lockdowns, tier restrictions, travel bans, etc. it seems harder and harder to connect with people. The #swannclub virtual book club is a way to encourage reading and help us connect with one another.

Happy reading friends!


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