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Day 66: Fireworks

300 Days of Writing

Day 66 Fireworks:

There was nothing left in the sky but charcoal and embers.

It had been a brilliant show. The sky had been on fire. Burning yellows and reds, as if the sun had erupted across the galaxy and rained down on us. It hurt to look at but I watched all the same.

Some people called it “dragon night,” others “the reckoning.”

I called it fate.

Because that was the night, I found you.

Once the light dissipated, we were left in a world of black. Ash fell down on us, lightly, like grey-white snow. The air tasted chalky and everything was growing cooler. As the heat faded, I felt my way forward and in the darkness, my hands grabbed your shoulders.

You took my hand and guided me. We traveled across the black city, chasing the fire.

“It’s got to be burning somewhere.”

I loved that you believed in this. Your belief that a miracle didn’t disappear. That it couldn’t burn out.

We chased the fire in the sky and that kept us warm.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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