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Day 121: Sea Creature

300 Days of Writing

Day 121 Sea Creature:

Deep in the water, there was power. A power that couldn’t be harnessed despite the people’s best efforts. And it couldn’t be destroyed, no matter how much they feared and hated it. It was just there. A constant. A creature.

Its limbs unfurled themselves like fiddle-head ferns, growing and extending towards the surface, stretching towards the light. It was cold in the deep, and the creature knocked ships out of its way just to get a sliver of sunlight on its fleshy tentacles.

Its mouth was a gaping whirlpool, one that breathed in the life around it. The uprooted weeds washed up on the beach and sent swimmers running to their cars.

One day, a woman walked into the water, despite the warning signs. The sun sparkled across the water and looked as if it was encrusted in diamonds. A tentacle splashed through the surface breaking the illusion, but still, she walked into the waves, steady, calm, assured.

The water started to turn and pull, and she jumped into its path. Her body went spinning, round and round, her arms up in the air, waiting for the creature to greet her.

And when she was pulled beneath the surface, she opened her eyes. The lake water was golden brown, a murky quality that neither frightened nor helped her. She started to swim, kicking her legs deeper until she met the thing everyone had feared.

It lived up to the tale. It was huge, gargantuan, with more limbs than she could count and a mouth like a cave opening. It blinked its many eyes at her, fish eyes, empty but unyielding in its stare.

She named it and held it and never went back to the surface.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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