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Day 119: Superhero

300 Days of Writing

Day 119 Superhero:

She liked swimming in the stars.

It was a cosmic kind of day. The kind of day where the Milky Way was more than just flecks of stardust and burning gas. It swirled purple, magenta, and teal. Space seemed to come to life when she swam through it. Her limbs carved moats that filled with color. Her legs kicked up stars and scattered the emptiness with pixie dust and light. It was more than just her favorite hobby.

It was her job.

The cosmic center of the newfound planetary system was dependent on her movements. Her limbs mixed light and space until the cool empty black was teaming with life. She crafted it. She created it. She was a swimmer.

But Swimming through stars wasn’t always easy. Sometimes the cold made matter thick as treacle. Her limbs pulled at thick clay. Sometimes she hit a star, burning her fingers and straining her eyes against the heat. Cracks fissioned along the lines of the universe with each mistake she made, and she could hear it cry when she did.

She cried too when she hurt them, but this was part of the plan. Her tears were salty oceans that splattered into the dark, pooling together and creating water worlds. She held them in her hands, like rain droplets poised on her fingertips. A delicate balance of holding and breaking.

The worlds were fragile things. Always breaking and starting over.

They needed the swimmer to keep things turning.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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