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Day 63: Airplane

300 Days of Writing

Day 63 Airplane:

Amelia powered up her Cessna for another jump. She yawned as she pulled the yoke back, the plane shaking in the wind. By the time she was a few feet in the air, the plane was shifting side to side, the wind gusts almost to powerful for her makeshift turboprop engine. But this wasn’t Amelia’s first jump. It wasn’t her first time flying into a storm.

She was a jumper, and typhoons were her ticket.

Amelia had gotten into jumping because of Magda, her runner. Magda had found Amelia strung out and on the run. Half naked and bleary eyed and seeking that next rush.

Amelia was addicted to adrenaline. That’s why Magda knew she’d make a good jumper. A jumper had to have nerves, had to have guts, had to have a willingness to endanger themselves.

Magda saw all that in Amelia.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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