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Day 58: Ghosts

300 Days of Writing

Day 58 Ghosts:

She gave birth to a ghost.

The baby was only visible at first because of the thick layers of mucus and blood that clung to it. The nurses pried the babe away from her chest, and started to wipe it clean. Streaks of dark red came off on their cleaning clothes, leaving behind patches of clarity, invisibility, nothingness.

The more they cleaned it, the more the babe started to disappear. Soon, there was seemingly nothing left.

It was considered a pre-existing condition and the insurance wouldn’t cover any other expenses so the mother was sent home with her ghost baby early.

She sang and soothed her baby, holding its warm body to her bare chest. She hoped she’d make it flush if she kept it warm, and that would make the baby appear. It stayed hidden from her though, no matter how much she rocked it.

She decided to dress it in bonnets and onesies, cover as much skin as she could. Walking in the park, people would flock to her, asking to see her new child, not knowing, or perhaps, precisely knowing, that her baby was a ghost.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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