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Day 47: Pumpkin

300 Days of Writing

Day 47 Pumpkin:

In the land of the Plendatery, where the fantastic vegetables were, there was only one so fine as the Great Pumpkin.

Massive, gargantuan, and colossal barely begin to describe its vast size. In fact, with its position on the one hill, the Great Pumpkin was like a yellow sun to the plundrinkers. Every morning, the mayor of Plendatery was honored to climb the hill to light a homemade candle, and he clambered back up every night to blow it out. Its light acted as a replacement to the sun, and the people used candle length to signify the passage of time in a day rather than hours on a clock.

The Great Pumpkin was a living, growing, vegetable tended to by the gardeners. It was a prestigious job in Plendatery, and all the plundrinkers children dreamed of growing up to tend after the pumpkin. Apprentices looked after the potatoes, then rutabagas, then then large gourds, until at last they were to be on the Great Pumpkin watch committee.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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