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Day 44: Webs

300 Days of Writing

Day 44 Webs:

Tangled up in spiders’ webs, their relationship was a tacky gluey mess of tiptoeing around bushes and falling in traps.

The webs were visible in the rain. Drops of water clung to the fine threads. Tears from their cheeks slipped between the cracks and bonded them together for a moment. They showered together, their bodies growing cold outside the falling water. Steam exposed the net around them. Gossamer lines crisscrossed and trapped them inside themselves.

They lurked closer to the center, following a single red line. They clutched it between their hands, the glue accumulating on their palms. Rope burn caused blisters that popped. Pus trickled down their fingers and got in their eyes when they tried to wipe away fresh tears.

Blinded with salt and paste, they felt their way forward, feeling for heat. When they found its prickly body, they petted it. Soothing its tired legs and caressing its curves.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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