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Day 4: Party

I was inspired by my day at the medieval fair and the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. Can you find all of Carroll's made up words? 😅#300DaysOfFlashWriting

300 Days of Writing

Day 4: Party

Gabija adjusted her flower crown as the bards galumphed round her. The hem of her white dress was stained with pollen and clover. Her gaze drifted to the wood. “Do you think there is a snark in there?”

Agne, dressed in a maid’s uniform of olive, sage, and gold, harumphed. “Don’t be such a mimsy girl. This is a frabjous day! If the day you be wed to your lover with his babe in your belly isn’t enough to distract you from the legend of the boojum, then I don’t know what is.”

Gabija rubbed her belly, a fluttery flook spooling inside her, but still she imagined the bandersnatch, for it had consumed her with a wrounching thought ever since she saw it.

“I know that look, girl. You’ll make your father act like a frumious snark. Be with cheer.”

“My father is a slithy, slooping man.”

“Be grateful he’s letting you get married!”

“But he’s stealing my child!”

Agne huffed, and busied herself with adjusting the flower crown. Gabija watched the party goers. Children rusheled and chortled. Mead flowed into flagons. The fiddlers harrolloped and twiddled. The river burbled and the sun shone brighter than any midsummer day she could remember.

“Here comes your hero now,” Agne said nodding toward the wood.

Liudivkas was immerging from the wood, but instead of the triumphant warrior Gabija expected with a freshly shot stag, he stumbled out, rumbling and raving, his eyes rolling.


Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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