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Day 39: Abandoned Building

300 Days of Writing

Day 39 Abandoned Building:

The old high school was scheduled for demolition on account it had asbestos in the walls and wasn’t modern enough to keep up with the American sensibility of new, new, new; buy, buy, buy.

The city had plans to sell the land, but, as with most government projects, the red tape had halted the removal team from doing anything before important signatures were gathered and budgets triple checked. The plan to destroy, rebuild, and sell for a handsome profit was waiting in limbo.

Now the high school, built with red bricks and high archways, stood alone, the city having drifted away from it, sprawling across the open plains.

Children would dare one another to run up and touch the building, laughing and crying and screaming if they actually reached its boarded-up doors. Teenagers used the grounds to hide out and smoke weed.

Adults rarely went there, until Sara and Becca climbed through the windows one night, looking for a place to be alone.

Sara helped Becca through the window, keeping hold of her hand once they were both in the building. It smelled of mildew and wet stone, like a pond, and they went exploring, searching for an empty classroom or a teacher’s lounge.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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