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Day 22: Friendship

300 Days of Writing

Day 22 Friendship:

The room smelled of nail polish, cheap wine, and cinnamon candles. Jerald blew gently across his freshly painted nails, handing the little bottle of polish to Cynthia.

“Your turn!”

His smile was infectious, his lip ring shining in the candlelight.

“I’m shit at painting my nails.”

“Fine, I’ll do it then,” he said, pulling off Cynthia’s striped socks. If it was anyone else, she would have been self-conscious of her sweaty feet, or how the lint was stuck between her toes, but she knew Jerald didn’t mind.

“So tell me about him,” she said as the first coat of mauve lacquer spread across her nails. Jerald’s smiled broadened, the inside of his lips stained red from the merlot.

“I like him a lot.”


“He’s a dentist.”


“Not really. But not broke.”

“And smart?”

“Definitely. Our first date was to the observatory!”

Cynthia poured wine into their mismatched mugs. It glugged out of the bottle and sprayed onto the carpet, which she dabbed at with her socks. Jerald blew lightly across her feet, drying the enamel polish. His breath was cool on her skin, tickling her sensitive feet. She giggled. “Jerald!” she whined.

“Cynthia!” He mimicked her voice and they fell into a fit of laughter, finishing the last of the wine.

“When will I meet this mystery man?” she asked.

“Soon. And I hope you like him.”

“If you like him, then I’m sure I will too.”

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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