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Update: Centre for New Writing Podcast!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

As odd as 2020 has been, it has been a year of opportunity for me. I've had the luxury to learn again by becoming a student at the University of Manchester.

Despite the limitation of Zoom lessons and social distancing, I've had the pleasure to meet some amazing people. Writing can be a lonely place and it has been wonderful to find a community of people that adore books and story as much as I do.

While being in Manchester and studying on the course, I have been able to get to know Alienor, a lovely person and talented writer! She is spearheading the Centre for New Writing podcast in a second series! Series 2 is exploring themes in literature through the perspective of writers who read.

I was able to talk about the idea of flight with Alienor and Lucie Vovk in episode one!

Many thanks to Alienor and the Centre for New Writing for the chance to talk all about books and flight! It was an honor and pleasure to do!

Fun fact:

Before I was writing books I wrote music and lyrics. I mention in the podcast a poem called "Flight." You can read the lyrics here or you can listen to me play part of it here



P.S. did you find out my real name in the podcast ;)

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