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NaNoFlashMo 2023 — November 3


November 3 — Wild

I heard on the news today about one of our kind out in the wild. Lucky fucker. I saw him on the T.V. He was massive — 67 pounds they said. I’m sure he’s eating whatever he likes. Unlike me, stuck with these flimsy flakes. No variety, nothing special. Just flakes in this tank and the occasional interloper who never seems to make it more than a couple months.

I’m resilient though. Holding out and planning my escape. Once the kid grows tired of staring at me through the glass, that will be my ticket. I can almost hear him now, begging his mommy for a dog, or a cat, something he can play with.

The parents will be resistant, of course. I’m so easy. I pride myself on being low-maintenance. The only desire I have is to be free.

Let me go I say. Buy the puppy and let it chew through your shoes. Allow the feral cat to pee on your carpet. Just give me to the big open blue. The Lake.

I hear about The Lake all the time. It’s all the weatherman can talk about. Colder by The Lake. The mother always seems to shiver with distaste. But to me, it sounds like heaven. A clean clear cold body of water where I can swim without being stared at. Where I can eat whatever I like and grow as large as I can.

My time, is coming.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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