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Introduction: 3 Truths 0 Lies

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

1. Pen name

Hello! If you've made it here, let me welcome you to my blog. Here, and in my books, I write under the pen name H. M. L. Swann.

Writing under a pen name gives me a sense of freedom.

Freedom to be authentic and real.

So here I am. Here we are. It's nice to meet you. <3


2. Accent

I come from a small town in Wisconsin located at the tip of Lake Superior. Locals call it "the northland." The winters are long and cold and the people seek refuge in their breweries. I've been living abroad for 3 years (and counting) and my accent is still hanging on.

In the northland, the "a's" and "o's" become stretched out much like our winters. Long vowel sounds find their way into words like "bag" or "tag" and when we're tired we say "oofta."

This video explains it perfectly >.<


3. I'm a Newb

This is my first blog! I've always shied away from a blog not knowing how to share. I've been a long time reader of AFP's blog and admire how open she is and I love reading blogs about writing and publishing. A big thanks to all the bloggers and writers out there who devote time and energy into making something. I appreciate you.

When it came to making my own blog, I thought writing about my routines or the food I eat wouldn't be my style. I didn't want to mimic a trend because that wouldn't feel authentic.

SO wtf does that make this?

The Nest is my blog. A weekly post that explores a monthly theme. See the post "How to Nest" for the details.

For input on the blog series, questions about my writing, or for ESL questions feel free to reach out!



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