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Writer. Teacher. Editor.

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H. M. L. Swann is an American writer and teacher. She has taught English in the U.S.A., Mongolia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Her fiction is published in The Manchester Anthology IX and The Centre for New Writing Zine. Currently, she writes book reviews and reads submissions for Split Rock Review.

H. M. L. Swann graduated in December 2021 with a MA in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester. 

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Partway between Key West and Havana, Saraan is known for its spelunking tours, chili-infused rum, and skin-burning rituals of the local religion. Galena is their living deity. She’s proud, arrogant, and has spent her life learning the secrets of the island’s cave system. It is her job to keep their island safe from what lurks in the dark… until she lets her ego get the best of her.

As a journalist and wannabe memoir writer, Frankie moves to Saraan looking for a story that will help her recover from her recent break-up, not to mention boost her career out of the slush pile. When researching the skin-burning rituals, she finds there is something more in the caves than just a story. There is something that demands payment, in flesh, and it’s hungry.

It’s always hungry.

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Reading and writing go hand in hand, and I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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