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H. M. L. Swann is an American writer and teacher. Swann has taught in the U. S. A., Mongolia, and South Korea. While teaching, she has had the unique opportunity to observe her mother tongue from a new perspective. Swann believes there is a strong connection between language and culture and tries to infuse these observations into her writing. Her first novel is: The Delkhii Trilogy – Seers and Shifters, which she started writing during her time living in rural Mongolia. She is actively writing and is working on a stand alone second novel: Levarelthule.



Levarelthule is the story of Melba Black, a 20 year old 2nd generation mage immigrant in the United States. When tragedy strikes her blood baptism, she has no choice but to delve into the home of her ancestors, the underworld she's never been to: Levarelthule. A place where beasts and blood magic are under the command of the vile Night Mage. She is tasked to do the unimaginable and needs not only strength, but sanity, to prevail.  



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Seers and Shifters

Seers and Shifters follows Clayton Johnathan as he embarks on his first ever caravan with the Entertainers: Mama Ta's troupe of performers. The Entertainers travel the world trading a night of wonders for food, equipment, or new technology. While on this adventure, Clayton follows Sophia Lucinda to visit Seers. He discovers the secret of where he comes from, and what that means for the Awakening in Delkhii.




What I'm Reading

Reading and writing go hand in hand, and I'd love to read your recommendations! Even better - send me links to your writing! Also happy to give one chapter feed back (DM for details)

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