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Day 67: Tooth Fairy

Day 67 Tooth Fairy:

The other fae were creeped out by her, the fairy girl that collected human teeth. While the rest of Fairydom was asleep in their beds, safe and sound under a sky enveloped with stars, she would sneak out and rush for the woods. She clambered over brambles and branches until she reached the portal line.

The first time she crossed it, she had been filled with trepidation. She had lived life learning humantales of the mortal land. She had learned how terrible humans were to each other, let alone her own fairy kind. She had always assumed that crossing the border would cause some ripple in the universe, that a human would be there, waiting for her. But when she stepped into their world she felt nothing other than the weight of time.

She was intoxicated by this. How could humans live life, be happy, have babies, make goals, and buy houses if it would all end someday? It was a kind of fatality she had never questioned during her life as a fae.

When she first learned that children’s teeth fell out as they grew, she was intrigued. The first tooth she ever bought she paid for with three strands of her sterling hair. The mother used this to buy food, clothes, and soap for her family, begging the fairy to come back and buy more teeth when the time was right.

And the tooth fairy did.

She started to return every night, waiting for the woman to sell her children's teeth. Soon other families caught on and bartered the same deal, children’s teeth for silver hair, coin, anything.

She quickly learned of human greed.

Back in Fairydom, she started to build a home out of teeth. She used the molars for support beams, little front teeth for table tops, and the rotten teeth of spoiled children she planted in her garden as fertilizer.

Before she used any of the teeth she harvested though, she always looked inside them. She stared at the place where the roots had been attached and she marveled at the humans' ability to let go.

Сайхан Бичээрэй!


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